How to Do Initial setup for Reolink Cameras via Reolink App

August 21, 2021

This article is applicable to:

Argus; Argus 2; Argus 3; Argus Eco; Argus Pro; Argus PT; Reolink Keen; Reolink Go; Reolink Go PT; RLC-410; RLC-410-5MP; RLC-410S; RLC-411; RLC-411-5MP; RLC-411S; RLC-411S-5MP; RLC-420;RLC-420-5MP; RLC-422-4MP; RLC-422-5MP; RLC-423; RLC-423S; RLC-511; RLC-520; RLC-510A; RLC-520A; RLC-810A; RLC-811A; RLC-820A; RLC-822A; RLC-1210A; RLC-1220A; E2 outdoor; RLC-511WA; C1; C1 Pro; C2; C2 Pro; E1; E1 Pro; E1 Zoom; Reolink Lumus; RLC-210W; RLC-410W; RLC-410W-5MP; RLC-410WS; RLC-411WS; RLC-411WS-5MP; RLC-422W; RLC-423WS; RLC-511W; RLC-422W-5MP; RLC-522

In general, here are two ways to initial set up the Reolink cameras that are connected to router already.

1. Add Devices Automatically (Add devices to the device list automatically in LAN)

Launch Reolink App and choose Menu -> Settings, enable “Add Devices Automatically”.

2. Add the camera via the UID

What’s UID?

UID (Unique ID) is a 16-character code needed when you access your Reolink cameras/NVRs from remote locations(based on P2P).

You can find UID on Camera Body/NVR Box

For Reolink cameras, you can easily find the UID below the QR code on the sticker attached on its body.

For Reolink NVR, the UID is on the upper shell.

Intial setup for Reolink Camera via Reolink App video guide

How to intial setup for Reolink camera via Reolink app video guide

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