IMOU Frequently Asked Question Guide

August 19, 2021

In this IT era, the frustration of being stuck in the unknown situation after you purchased a high tech device is real. But no worries, this guide will assist you to unravel any sorts of possible problem you will have. Let’s have a look now.


1. What’s the smartphone system requirement for the Imou Life app?

For iOS, the system version should be 9.0 or above. For Android, the system version should be 5.0 or above.

2. Where can I download the Imou Life app?

For iPhone/iOS, go to the App Store, search for “Imou Life”, and download the app. For Android devices, go to the Google Play Store, search for “Imou Life”, and download the app.

Or you may just scan the QR code below.

For Device Adding, Sharing & Deletion

3. How many devices can you have on one Imou account?

There is no limitation on the number of devices you can add.

4. How do I add my camera to a new Imou account?

For security reasons, a camera can be bound to only one Imou account. If you want to transfer your camera to a new account, please delete it from the previous account first.

5. How do I add a device via serial number (S/N)?

  • Log in to the Imou account which you have registered.
  • Go to the “Device” page, select the “+” symbol in the top right to start the device setup process.
  • Scan the QR code at the bottom of the device or manually input the serial number of the device.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to add the device.

6. Device has been bound by ***@** when adding camera to my account.

For customer privacy reasons, one device can be added only by one account. If the device was added by other account, you cannot add it again.

If you want to add it to a new account, you must delete it from previous account first.
If you forgot your account details, please send a picture of the device label with the serial number clearly visible to, and tell them where you bought it.

7. How to delete my camera from the account?

Two methods to delete camera from your account, firstly login into your account in mobile app:

  • Method 1

Go to preview page then click gear icon on the top right corner, go to device settings page, slide to the bottom then delete device.

  • Method 2

Click Me->My Device->select corresponding device ->slide to the bottom ->Delete Device.

8. How do I share my device with family and friends?

  • Log in to your Imou account in the Imou Life app.
  • Select the device you want to share, then go to Preview page.
  • Select the share icon in the top right corner.
  • Select “Device Share”.
  • Select Add User to Share, enter their Imou account details then click save icon on the top right corner. To stop sharing with the account, you can select Cancel.
  • The account you shared with will now have access to the device. This account can preview and playback footage, but can’t modify device settings.
  • Each device can be shared with 20 accounts.
  • Enjoy sharing!

9. I changed the default password of the device, and I cannot remember it.

Reset the unit and then reconfigure the camera.

For Wi-Fi Connection

10. I’m changing my Wi-Fi network, so how do I get my device online?

To connect to a different Wi-Fi network, press the Reset button for 10 seconds to reset the camera, then reconnect to Wi-Fi when the red and blue light flashes. Open the Imou Life app, go to the camera preview page, click the gear icon in the top right corner, then click on “Wi-Fi” and follow the prompts.

11. If my Wi-Fi password changes, what do I need to do?

If your camera is still online via an Ethernet connection, you can log in to the Imou Life app and change the Wi-Fi configuration via Device Settings. Please reset your camera and follow the configuration process.

12. How much of my outgoing Wi-Fi bandwidth does Imou consume?

When the video is set to HD, the average bandwidth consumption is 1Mbps. If it is set to SD, the average bandwidth consumption is 512kbps. (Bandwith requirements can vary by model, as higher resolutions require a higher bandwith.)

For IMOU Cloud Storage

13. How do I set up cloud storage?

  • On the Device interface, tap , tap the check box of the service type that you want to buy, tap Buy, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the purchase. After the Cloud service is purchased, the will turn to .
  • You will need to enable your alarms on your device. Using Motion Detection as an example, the event should be enabled in the device settings. Alarms are usually enabled by default in the Imou Life app.
  • To receive notifications from the Imou Life app, you must enable Imou Notifications via “Settings”->” Notifications” on your smartphone settings, and “Me”-> “Settings”-> “Notice” on the Imou Life app.
  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection (1.5Mbps+)

Note: Video is recorded on alarm events and in SD quality – there is no storage limitation.

14. How do I buy cloud storage for multiple cameras?

​If you own four cameras and would like to subscribe cloud storage for every camera, you need to purchase a subscription for each camera.

15. Cloud Storage Requirements

  • High-speed internet connection (1.5Mbps+).
  • For iOS, the system version should be 9.0 or above. For Android, the system version should be 5.0 or above.(3) Make sure that your camera has the latest firmware, which can be updated via the Imou Life app.

16. I forgot my Cloud Storage password.

To reset your password, tap Me -> My Device -> select corresponding device -> click Customize Video Encryption -> click Forget password

17. How far back can I watch recorded videos with the Cloud Storage plan?

With the Cloud Storage plan, you can watch any video recorded in the past 3 days when you sign up for a 3-day plan, and the past 7 days when you sign up for a 7-day plan, and so on. For example, if you buy a 7 day monthly storage plan on April 1st, it will expire on May 1st and stop any recording. And you can only view the most recent 7 days video.

For SD Card Storage

18. The camera cannot recognize the SD card.

Reason could be various:

  • The SD card is not initialized.
  • The SD card is faulty.
  • The SD card slot is damaged.


  • Insert the SD card into the SD card slot, then format the SD card using the Imou Life app.
  • Try the SD card on a PC, smartphone or other device, and check whether the SD card is damaged. If it does not work, please try a new SD card.
  • RMA: send back to us for warranty claim or repair if the warranty period has ended.

19. I have inserted a Micro SD card, but no video record are being stored.

  • Check if the Micro SD card is correctly inserted into the slot.
  • Pull down at the top of Home page of the Imou Life app to refresh the device list.
  • Check the Storage Status. If the memory card status says “OFF”, select “Format Storage Device”, then enter the device password. The status will then change to “ON”. You can then start recording any event-triggered video in the camera, such as motion detection.

20. How can I view the video recorded on my SD card?

Open the Imou Life app, then go to preview page and select “View history record”. You can then select the recorded video you want to view in the calendar page.

For Camera

21. I am unable to access my camera remotely.

  • Please make sure your camera is connected to internet.
  • Please make sure your smartphone has internet access. If not, please check the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network configuration of your smartphone.
  • If your smartphone’s signal is too weak, you may not able to view your remote camera as well. If your internet speed is good but you still cannot stream the camera, please contact

22. I can see the camera in my device list, but the live view stream is not working.

  • Please check the LED indicator status of your camera, to ensure that it is connected to the internet.
  • Please check the internet access of your smartphone. If the signal is too weak or if you are on a highway, it’s possible that the signal cannot handle the streaming.
  • If you are not able to stream the video even when your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi of your camera, your camera’s Wi-Fi signal may be too weak.

As Wi-Fi coverage always has its limitation, we have some suggestions:

  • Please make sure there are not too many obstacles around your Wi-Fi router or camera, as this may decrease the Wi-Fi signal.
  • If your Router or camera has external antennas, please try to change the antennas’ direction. This could improve the signal.
  • Try to move your camera to a new location with better signal.
  • If your house is very big, and the place where you want to locate the camera is out of the Wi-Fi range, you can consider adding a range extender to extend the Wi-Fi coverage.

23. The camera disconnects frequently because the connection is not stable


  • The camera is too far away from your Wi-Fi router/access point, or there are too many obstacles between your router and camera, which impacts the signal.
  • There are too many other devices connected to your Wi-Fi, and they’re using too much bandwidth.
  • There are too many other Wi-Fi signals nearby, which will cause a lot of interference.
  • The upload bandwidth is not enough.


  • Put your smartphone next to your camera, and check the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Please check with your internet service provider to see if your bandwidth is high enough. Also, check other applications and devices that are using the same network – are they slow as well?
  • Change the Wi-Fi channel of your router to decrease Wi-Fi interference.

24. The image is all black during the night.


  • The IR LED didn’t light up
  • The ICR didn’t switch to night mode
  • Objects are too far away from the camera


  • If the IR LED did light up, but you cannot hear “KA” and the image is still all black, there may be something wrong with the ICR.
  • For consumer cameras, the IR distance is less than 10m (this varies by model), so you cannot see too far away at night.

25. The ICR keeps changing between black & white mode and color mode.


This is usually caused by something in the camera’s field of view, that is reflecting light back into the camera. When it is starts to get dark, the IR LED will be turned on, but the reflected light will trigger the camera to turn off the IR LED.


Ensure that there is nothing reflecting light in the camera’s field of view.

26. I changed the settings of the camera, but I cannot save the settings.

Reset the unit and then reconfigure the camera.

27. There is a zebra stripe across the image, and the streaming is flashing slightly.


This is usually caused by nearby electrical interference. It’s possible that the power supply is not stable, or the P/N frequency of the firmware doesn’t fit the current frequency.


Make sure there is no strong electrical interference around.

28. The image is not very clear.


  • The lens may be damaged
  • The ICR or sensor is not very clean
  • The lens focus is not good


Check whether the lens is damaged or is not clean.

29. How do I rotate the image once I have mounted it on the ceiling?

Log in to your account in the Imou Life app, go to the preview page then click the gear icon in the top right corner, go to the Device Info page, then enable/disable Image Rotate.

For Alarm Notification

30. How do I receive alarm messages?

  1. First, click the enable button in the upper right corner in the picture of the channel, on the device list page.
  2. Check you can receive notifications from the Imou Life app. Enable Imou Notifications via “Settings” -> “Notifications” in your iPhone Settings, and “Me” -> “Settings” -> “Notice” in the Imou Life app.
  3. Ensure that Events are enabled on the device. Using Motion Detection as an example, the event should be enabled and the time schedule should be valid.
  4. Make sure the device is connected to Internet.
  5. After you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a message.

31. Why do I receive the alarm notification without the ring tone?

The alarm notification ring tone is as same as the ring tone mode of your smartphone (including calls, SMS and other notifications). Please ensure the smartphone notification mode is set to “Sound”, and not “Mute” or “Silent”.

For Other Miscellaneous Questions

32. How do you modify the device’s photo/name/channel name/password in the Imou Life app?

There are two methods to modify device information. First, login to your account in the Imou Life app:

  • Method 1

Go to the preview page then click setting in the top right corner. Then, go to the Device Settings page by tapping the camera feed image in the top right. On this page, you’ll be able to change the required settings.

  • Method 2

Tap Me -> My Device -> select the desired device device -> tap the camera feed image, and then you’ll be able to change the required settings.

33. When the power adapter is connected, the LED doesn’t light up; or the LED lights up but the device failed to boot up.


  • The power adapter does not work, or the voltage/current of the power adapter does not fit the device.
  • The electrical circuit of the device has an issue.


  • Check whether the power adapter is the factory default one, and check voltage/current of the power adapter.
  • Try another adapter, and check whether the device can boot up.
  • If you’ve confirmed that the power adapter is ok but still failed to boot up, the device may be faulty. Please contact us to proceed the repair & maintenance operation.

34. How to Enable/Disable motion detection by APP?

  1. Log into the Imou account
  2. Select the device you want to activate/deactivate motion detection
  3. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Select Alarm option
  5. Enable/Disable the “Motion Detect”
  6. Default Activity zone is Full Screen, you can set your cared zone at Activity Zones option.

35. How do I update the device’s firmware?

Log in to your account in the Imou Life app, go to the preview page then click the gear icon in the top right corner, then go to the Device Info page. Now, select the Cloud Upgrade option to check for new firmware. If new firmware is available, you’ll be able to start the update.

36. How do I disable the device indicator?

Log in to your account in the Imou Life app, go to the preview page then click the gear icon in the top right corner, go to the Device Info page, then enable/disable Device Indicator.

37. The app is always saying “Failed to configure device network”.

Please reset your device and follow the Imou process to setup the Wi-Fi connection again. During the configuration process, we recommend trying the following suggestions:

  • For cameras with no Ethernet port, during the Wi-Fi connection process we suggest placing your smartphone and camera within 30cm of each other, and turning on the phone’s sound to full.
  • If your camera has an Ethernet port and you have an Ethernet cable available, you can connect your camera directly to your router. Once you’ve added your camera to your Imou account, you can then configure the Wi-Fi settings using the camera’s “Wi-Fi Config” page in the Imou app.
  • If your camera only supports 2.4GHz (which means it is not a Dual Band Wi-Fi model), please make sure your smartphone is connected to your router’s 2.4GHz Wi-Fi during the configuration.

38. The app says “Failed to bind”

When the app says “Failed to bind”, it means your device is already successfully connected to your Wi-Fi, but failed to add the device to your Imou account. Please double check whether your router is connected to Internet, then try again. Normally the reason is the Internet connection is not stable.

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